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Finally enough space for everyone

AMF-Bruns Foundation supports family from Elisabethfehn

Great joy at the vehicle handover: Alma, her parents and siblings are delighted with the wheelchair-accessible conversion of their car, which makes their everyday lives easier. This was made possible by a grant from the AMF-Bruns Foundation.

When the Lübkes were on the road, things got cramped in the family car: two adults, two small children and their eldest daughter Alma and her wheelchair had to be on board. Previously, the parents first lifted the seven-year-old onto her rehab car seat in the front passenger seat and then hoisted the 25-kilo wheelchair into the car. An adult had to sit in the back seat between the siblings’ two seat shells. A cumbersome procedure that became too physically demanding in the long run.

The solution was a disabled-friendly vehicle conversion: the Ford Connect was fitted with a rear cut-out and equipped with an EasyFlex ramp. The advantage was that the rear seat bench was retained and more space was created.

Foundation covered half of the costs

“The AMF-Bruns Foundation has set itself the goal of making a contribution to mobility for the disabled. That’s why it was immediately clear to us that we wanted to support the Lübke family in their project,” reports Jan Woltermann, Chairman of the Foundation.

With a grant of 3,650 euros, which accounted for half of the conversion costs, the family was able to carry out the urgently needed conversion. Thanks to the new ramp, Alma and her family can now set off on excursions without having to worry about getting in and out of the car.

Monja Geiken
Press contact