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Planning individual conveyor systems

Planning and implementing an efficient conveyor system is a complex task that requires specific know-how and extensive experience. Well thought-out planning enables the efficient movement of goods and raw materials, minimizes production bottlenecks and optimizes workflows.

By reducing energy consumption, maintenance and downtime, you can lower your costs, strengthen your competitiveness and operate successfully in the market in the long term.

Our qualified experts accompany you from the first step and help you to make the right decisions, minimize risks and find optimal solutions for your material flow requirements. From consulting including 3D laser scanning to after-sales service – we are always at your side.

Ein Teambild aus der Abteilung Gurt- und Kettenbecherwerke.

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Product overview

In our brochure you will find an overview of our conveyor systems including technical data and performance-related specifications. Conveniently available for download as a PDF!

Increase efficiency and raise productivity

From consulting to production and maintenance

The first step in planning a new conveyor system is to identify your company’s specific requirements. This involves considering factors such as the type of materials to be conveyed, their quantity and weight, the distances to be covered and the desired conveying speed. A thorough analysis of these requirements lays the foundation for effective planning.

1. Consultation incl. 3D laser scanning

First of all, a comprehensive technical consultation is carried out by our sales staff, during which we get an idea of the area of application and location of the planned system together with you on site. With the help of a 3D scanner, our employees measure the surroundings from various perspectives and then compile a complete scan. This enables us to adapt our system perfectly to your environment.

2. Project planning & quotation

With AMF-Bruns you trust a partner who is always at your side to provide you with a technically and economically optimal plant solution. That’s why you won’t get an “off-the-peg” service from us, but services individually tailored to your needs. This begins with project planning and the preparation of a quotation.

Ein Mitarbeiter von AMF Bruns beim 3D Laserscanning für die Planung einer Förderanlage.


Eine Förderanlage von AMF Bruns in der 3D-Planung.

Example of 3D CAD system planning

3. Planning & construction

In the development and construction department of AMF-Bruns, engineers, technicians and draughtsmen work in project groups to implement your ideas and visions. Since the highest precision is essential in planning and construction right from the start, AMF-Bruns consistently uses a state-of-the-art computer-based 3D CAD plant design system with which every detail of the plant can be represented with millimeter precision right from the design phase.

4. Production

Products of the highest quality, maximum delivery reliability and the greatest possible cost-effectiveness: these are the decisive criteria to which we orient all our production processes. For this reason, we have analyzed our internal processes in detail over the past few years and optimized them according to the principles of lean management or “lean production”.

5. Assembly & commissioning

Our foremen, fitters and engineers are deployed worldwide to make our customers’ new plants ready for operation on site. They provide you with personal support from assembly and commissioning to successful functional testing and instruct your employees in the handling of the conveyor systems.

6. After-sales service

To ensure that you can rely on your systems at all times, we provide you with a customized service portfolio. Because we want you to be able to concentrate on the essentials and fully exploit the potential of your investments. Regular maintenance and servicing by our straightening technicians, fitters and engineers guarantees you the highest level of operational reliability.

Customised solutions

Conveyor system consulting

Sound advice can reduce costs, increase efficiency and minimize potential risks. In addition, we always consider the following aspects, among others, when planning new conveyor systems:

  • Access to critical components to facilitate later maintenance.
  • Safety precautions such as emergency stop switches, protective covers and warning signs.
  • Placement of loading stations, intermediate storage and end points.
  • Reduction of energy consumption.

We have been designing, developing and building conveyor systems for over 65 years. Learn more about our solutions for your industry or contact our experts directly!

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Consistently at your side: From planning and commissioning to quality management and subsequent maintenance, we accompany your project.

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