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Travel Belt System

Modular and flexible

Wet bin with travel belt system

To ensure optimum processes in OSB production, AMF-Bruns has developed the new wet chip bunker with moving belt system. It does not require a back-combing system and is therefore particularly low-maintenance, gentle on the product, energy-saving and efficient. Compared to the classic wet chip bunker with back-combing system, the new wet chip bunker with traversing belt system impresses with minimum downtimes in the process.

In addition, bunker volumes of more than 500 m³ can be realized, since there is no mechanical limitation due to the traversing belt system, as is the case with a back-combing system. It is also possible to weigh the input material. Thanks to its modular design, the wet chip bunker can be flexibly expanded.

For bunker volumes of up to 300 m³, the classic AMF-Bruns wet chip bunker with back-combing system is also a solution. Both bunker systems are characterized by the typical modular, bolted design of AMF-Bruns, which allows easy assembly and a lot of flexibility in terms of length extensions. Two attractive solutions for the production of OSB panels, then, which are indispensable in the wood industry!

Ein Teambild aus der Abteilung Gurt- und Kettenbecherwerke.
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Brochure: Travel belt system

Interested in technical details and specifications? Then download our Travel Belt System product brochure. Convenient and clear in PDF format!

Always in action

Wet chip bunker with traversing belt system

Low downtimes characterize the AMF-Bruns wet chip bunker with traversing belt system: It is optimally suited for feeding a wet chip bunker (larger than 400 m3) with two chippers simultaneously. A practical solution that ensures uniform bunker filling at all times.

Our innovative system does not require a back-combing system at all, which can be comparatively prone to failure, maintenance and wear. It also makes torn-out drivers a thing of the past. The wet chip bunker ensures material-friendly transport, which significantly reduces the destruction of OSB strands. This ensures higher availability of the cost-intensive surface layer material. As the complete bunker is easily accessible and there are no heavy and bulky components, service costs also remain low.

Further advantages for our customers:

  • Bunker volumes of more than 500 m3 can be realized, as there is no mechanical limitation due to the traveling belt system as with a reclaiming system with chain.
  • Increase of bunker filling (market standard is approx. 70 to 75 % during operation).
  • Direct weighing of input material.
  • Thanks to the conveyor belt, spare parts costs remain low.
  • Modular design allows uncomplicated expansion in the future.
  • Control cabinet for hopper control is included.

Optimized for OSB

Chain bunker: Wet Chip Bunker

The uncomplicated solution for the wood industry: Our wet chip bunkers are particularly in demand when it comes to the production of particleboard. This is because they effortlessly process strands required for the production of OSB boards.

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Value-added services at AMF-Bruns

Uncomplicated cooperation, fast response times and a solution-oriented approach – all this distinguishes AMF-Bruns as a partner. For us, service means being there for our customers at all times. Because our personal ambition is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Value Added Services at AMF-Bruns can therefore easily be summed up in one word: Trust.

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Certified quality: At AMF-Bruns, high-performance products, maximum delivery reliability and maximum economic efficiency are the guiding principles for all manufacturing processes.


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With sales planning in 3D as well as a 3D scan for recording the environment in your plant, AMF-Bruns creates the best conditions for successful projects.

Frequently asked questions

From which bunker size should I no longer use a comb-back system?

We recommend not to use a back-combing system from a gross volume of 300 m³.

Can I also use the wet chip hoppers as dry chip hoppers?

Yes, this is possible with small and minor modifications.

How big is the energy saving of the conveyor system compared to the backcombing system?

The traversing belt system requires about 2/3 less energy than the recombining system.

Can I feed to the wet chip bunker with two feeders at the same time?

Yes, this is no longer a problem with the new wet chip hopper thanks to the traversing belt system.

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