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For a future worth living

We are actively committed to greater sustainability

Climate and environmental protection has always been an important concern for AMF-Bruns. Therefore, we consider environmentally relevant factors in all processes around our company. The result is a consistent environmental management that contributes to saving natural resources and protecting the environment.

For example, as of 2013 we only use electricity from hydropower and also obtain 100% of the gas we use from renewable sources.

And we are also actively committed to greater sustainability in other areas – for example, in logistics: In addition to a significant reduction in packaging materials, we have also been using thinner films for some time, which enables considerable savings to be made. Furthermore, AMF-Bruns only uses paper that conserves resources.

To ensure that sustainability becomes a living part of our corporate culture, we also repeatedly invite our employees to actively integrate environmental protection into their everyday work and to use new ideas to make the work processes at AMF-Bruns even more resource-friendly – for a future worth living in an intact environment.


Water consumption for the manufacture of our products has been reduced by 24% in recent years through various optimization measures.


We rely on renewable energies! Since commissioning our photovoltaic system in May 2018, we have already been able to save 1,000 tons of CO2! This means that we produce one third of the electricity AMF-Bruns needs ourselves. Since the beginning of 2013, AMF-Bruns has exclusively purchased renewable energy from hydropower, the generation of which does not produce any harmful CO2 emissions. As a result, 3,320 tons of CO2 could be reduced and offset in a climate-impacting way between 2013 and 2017.


At AMF-Bruns, only resource-saving recycled paper is used for office, advertising materials and packaging. In addition, 21% of our waste is already recycled.


Business trips at AMF-Bruns are planned with ecological aspects in mind. In addition, we encourage the formation of carpools.

Waste prevention

In addition to a significant reduction in the packaging materials we use, we have also been using thinner films in this area for some time, which also enables considerable savings to be made.

Waste reduction

The packaging material used at AMF-Bruns has been reduced by 24% in recent years. This conserves important resources and saves emissions. Thanks to our five new e-forklifts and two e-lift trucks, we have significantly reduced noise and emissions. The new truck fleet is another consistent step in our sustainable corporate strategy.

Heating & process heat

Our nature is close to our heart! That is why, among other things, we have been purchasing gas from renewable generation since 2013. From 2013 to 2020, we were thus able to reduce 3,762 tons of CO2 and offset it in a climate-friendly way.