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Code of Conduct

Our principles

Code of Conduct: Corporate Values and Sustainable Development

This Code of Conduct defines the principles of AMF-Bruns' behavior regarding its global and local responsibility for people and the environment.

AMF-Bruns hereby commits to the following:

Compliance with legal requirements

  • Comply with the laws and regulations of the applicable jurisdiction(s)
Preventing corruption and bribery

  • Not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery, including any payment or other benefit to illegally favor government officials in order to influence them in decision-making
  • Respect for the fundamental human rights of its employees
  • Promote equal opportunity and treatment for its employees, regardless of color, race, national origin, social background, disability, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, gender or age
  • Respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual person
  • Not employ or allow anyone to work against their will
  • Not tolerate any unacceptable treatment of employees, such as mental cruelty, sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Prohibit behavior that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative, such as gestures, language and physical contact
  • Pay adequate remuneration and guarantee the legal minimum wage applicable in the country
  • Comply with the maximum duration of working hours established in accordance with applicable laws
  • Extent permitted by law, to recognize the freedom of association of employees and to neither favor nor discriminate against members in employee organizations or trade unions
Prohibition of child labor

  • Not to employ workers who do not have a minimum age of 15 years. In countries that fall under the exception for developing countries according to ILO Convention 138, a minimum age of 14 years applies
Health and safety of workers

  • Take responsibility for the health and safety of its employees.
  • Contain risks and ensure the best possible preventive measures against accidents and occupational diseases
  • Familiarize employees with health and safety issues at work and provide them with appropriate training
  • Establish or use a sound occupational health and safety management system
Protect the environment

  • Observe environmental protection in accordance with legal regulations and international standards
  • Minimize environmental impacts and continuously improve environmental protection
  • Establish or use a reasonable environmental management system
Supply chain

  • Appropriately promote compliance with the contents of the Code of Conduct on the part of its suppliers
  • Comply with the principles of non-discrimination in the selection of and dealings with suppliers