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Screw heat exchanger

Optimum heat exchange performance

Single and double screw heat exchangers

AMF-Bruns supplies single- and double-screw heat exchangers in different trough designs as cooling or heating screws. We also offer twin-screw exchangers in various designs for different applications.

Our systems ensure continuous process flows in process engineering. They are used in pressure, vacuum and high-temperature applications to cool or heat difficult-flowing, corrosive and abrasive products. Special functions such as mixing, compacting, loosening, agglomerating and dosing are also possible.

Cooling or heating is performed individually or in combination with trough, cover or screw shaft. The heat transfer media can be water, steam, thermal oil, gas or electric heating mats. Our screw heat exchangers operate with a high degree of filling of up to 90 percent. The heat exchange surfaces, screw flights, tubular shafts and spirals for the cooling or heating media achieve optimum heat exchange performance. In this way, we also optimize heating and cooling circulation.

Ein Teambild aus der Abteilung Gurt- und Kettenbecherwerke.
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Brochure: Screw heat exchanger

Full of information: In our brochure you will learn all technical details and application examples about our screw heat exchangers. Download now!

Quickly reach the desired temperature

Our product variants

When it comes to transporting and cooling hot products, our screw heat exchangers (SWT) are the best choice. And product preheating as well as special functions such as mixing, compacting or loosening are also possible. At AMF-Bruns you can get two different versions:

SWT recirculating cooling screw

Our SWT recirculating cooling screw has a particularly high heat exchange capacity and is also used for discontinuous operation.

Double screw heat exchangers

Our twin screw heat exchangers are self-cleaning and are used for baking or moist materials (e.g. pastes or slurries). They have cooled screw flights and a cooled double-jacket trough.

Cooling, heating and more

Screw heat exchangers: Applications

Whether power plants, the chemical industry or the food industry: screw heat exchangers from AMF-Bruns are suitable for a wide variety of pressure, vacuum and high-temperature applications.

For example, products with a temperature of more than 1,000 °C can be transported while being cooled to 200 °C. They are ideal for processing abrasive and corrosive products. In the case of heavy-flowing products, automatic cleaning of the heat exchange surfaces is even possible. In addition, special functions can be performed (mixing, compacting, loosening, dosing). These are ideal conditions for a wide range of applications in numerous industries!

Added value for our customers

Value Added Services (VAS) at AMF-Bruns

Uncomplicated cooperation, fast response times and a solution-oriented approach – all this distinguishes AMF-Bruns as a partner. For us, service means being there for our customers at all times. Our personal ambition is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Value Added Services at AMF-Bruns can therefore easily be summed up in one word: Trust.

Quality management

Certified quality: At AMF-Bruns, high-performance products, maximum delivery reliability and maximum economic efficiency are the guiding principles for all manufacturing processes.


Your personal contact person is available to you at all times. On-site visits are also important to us in order to precisely understand customer requirements.

Consulting & Planning

With sales planning in 3D as well as a 3D scan for recording the environment in your plant, AMF-Bruns creates the best conditions for successful projects.

Frequently asked questions

How are heat exchanger medium and bulk material separated from each other?

Both trough and shaft are built in a hollow chamber design – in this way the heat exchanger medium flows through. In this way, we enable complete separation between the heat exchanger medium and the bulk material.

Is drying with screw heat exchangers also possible?

Screw heat exchangers are very rarely used for drying bulk materials. The reason: Due to the process, there are usually only small temperature differences between the bulk material and the heat exchanger medium, resulting in a low heat flow. This often makes the use of screw heat exchangers for drying uneconomical.

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