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Silo discharge screw

Constant and uniform material flow

Silo charging and discharging systems

With the residual emptying system from AMF-Bruns, the residual quantities are discharged after gravimetric emptying of a cylinder or dome silo – for example, sugar or grain.

Depending on the silo size, the residual quantities can amount to up to 15,000 tons. Our residue discharge system ensures a constant and uniform flow of material during discharge. AMF-Bruns offers residual discharge screws for silo diameters of up to 55 meters.

Ein Teambild aus der Abteilung Gurt- und Kettenbecherwerke.
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Brochure: Conveyor Systems

Discover the advantages of screw discharge trays with hopper top: This brochure contains all important information about all conveyor systems.

Satisfied without residue

Residual emptying systems for the sugar industry

Well thought-out solutions for sugar production: AMF-Bruns offers silo charging and discharging systems of the highest quality. Here we list the most important processes and advantages for you.

Optimum feeding

The perfect mix: By feeding the silo system with a proven AMF-Bruns feeding system, we achieve a largely uniform particle size distribution of the stored material. This leads to good mixing results during subsequent discharge. In addition, the silo volume is optimally utilized.

Discharge – hygienic and efficient

Most of the silo is discharged gravimetrically. During this time, therefore, no mechanical components need to be operated inside the silo and there are no mechanical components above the material column. This rules out contamination of the stored material by lubricants or falling components.

In addition, the silo above the silo cellar is entered through the central dome. Contamination from outside is therefore ruled out. Further advantages in terms of hygiene: The residual emptying system is largely dust-tight. All components can be cleaned very easily.

Further advantages in construction and operation

Our system is also convincing in terms of handling: By using manually or electrically movable metering screw conveyors in the silo cellar, the desired volume flow – within a defined range – can be set at any time. In this way, the discharge rate can be precisely adjusted. In addition, a quick response is possible, for example, in the event of operational malfunctions in the downstream area, without having to completely interrupt the discharge. In addition, there is little need for personnel: operation only needs to be monitored visually to prevent bridging. During normal discharge operation, the system runs automatically.

Last but not least, there are also static advantages in silo construction: This is because only a narrow cellar is required for the installation of the conveying technology below the silo.

Hygiene comes first

Residual discharge: areas of application

In close cooperation with well-known customers from the sugar industry, we have developed our residual discharge systems to enable complete discharge. We always attach great importance to hygienic aspects in order to meet the high demands in the sugar industry.

Our residue discharge systems are designed for these products:

  • Sugar beet
  • Pressed and dried pulp
  • Granulated sugar
  • Grain

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Value Added Services (VAS) at AMF-Bruns

Uncomplicated cooperation, fast response times and a solution-oriented approach – all this distinguishes AMF-Bruns as a partner. For us, service means being there for our customers at all times. Our personal ambition is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Value Added Services at AMF-Bruns can therefore easily be summed up in one word: Trust.

Quality management

Certified quality: At AMF-Bruns, high-performance products, maximum delivery reliability and maximum economic efficiency are the guiding principles for all manufacturing processes.


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