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Customized solutions

The go-ahead has been given for the installation of our new screw conveyors!

After almost two years of intensive discussions and joint planning with our customer in Belgium, we can now announce the following The construction of the new extraction tower is complete – now the state-of-the-art screw conveyors from AMF-Bruns can be installed!

We have created a reliable solution to safely transport up to 546 t/h from the new extraction tower to the existing presses: Two new TSF1250 screw conveyors, each with an impressive length of 36.5 m, will be installed at a height of 26 metres.

As is often the case at AMF-Bruns, we have developed customised systems for this project in order to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

One important aspect is health and safety: we have ensured that the covers can be opened for maintenance and cleaning outside the campaign without having to remove and secure them. This is why we developed split covers for our customer, which can be swivelled through 270° and locked in place with hinges. This ensures that the covers will not fall down due to wind or other influences. The full width of the walkway remains usable and offers maximum safety.

Brochure: Sugar Industry

AMF-Bruns’ core competence is in conveying systems for the sugar industry. In this brochure you will find all the details of our systems and individual services.

We have also considered future expansion of the press station: Our second screw conveyor has a modular design so that future expansion of the press station is possible without major rebuilding.

We are proud of the result and would like to thank the entire team for their hard work on this exciting project. If you would like to find out more about our customised solutions for the sugar industry, please contact us.

Monja Geiken
Press contact

Dennis von Horn
Contact person – Sugar Industry

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