From planning to implementation

Case Study: Conversion to low-emission, low-temperature drying

Scope of delivery and services

Sales planning to determine the budget, survey using a 3D scanner in the existing building, detailed engineering of the project in conjunction with other suppliers, supply and installation supervision of the conveyor technology including electrics and automation, commissioning of the entire system.


The new conveyor technology was installed at the French site in Sully-sur-Loire.

In 2020 we were contacted by our customer Swiss Krono. At the time, they were planning a new OSB strand drying project at their French site in Sully-sur-Loire.

The aim of the GreenEnergy project is to convert the drying process from high-temperature drying of the strands to low-emission, low-temperature drying. The thermal energy for the drying process is provided by a newly constructed biomass power plant on the site.

On the basis of an initial installation plan developed in consultation with Swiss Krono’s project team, we began to determine our customer’s conveyor technology budget. As the project progressed, we worked together to refine the original idea of the installation, taking into account the various constraints, and drew up the final distribution plan.

In spring 2021, AMF-Bruns was awarded the engineering contract to develop the individual machines for the sales plan. In parallel with the engineering, the tender for the supply of the machines was updated and finally awarded to AMF-Bruns during the negotiations in Berlin in spring 2022.

As the project progressed, the installation was further detailed together with the Swiss Krono project team and the project’s other suppliers (machinery, steel construction, extraction, electrics) up to the final implementation planning. Installation of the machines on site started in October 2022 and continues to this day (as of 07/2023).

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